About Us

Core Sports Revolution

  • Inspiration

    The idea behind CORE came as an answer to the question; "What would you do if you created a sport?" It was to be a completely original revolutionary experience and shift the world of team based sports across the nation.

  • Innovation

    The last time that a new official team sport was invented within the US was in the 1890s. CORE is to be a new type of sport, to join the likes of Basketball, Football and Soccer. Given the time between the invention of other sports, CORE is a modern take on team based games.

  • Simplicity

    CORE takes concepts from various team based sports common around the world and combines them into a new idea. Whether you play or watch CORE you will be able to see themes and ideas from these sports on display by the athletes participating.

  • Exhibition

    CORE is currently available to play at the Western Illinois Fieldhouse in Alexis, IL. Additionally the sport could be brought to gymnasiums near you through the acquisition of SporTurf. Through a partnership with SporTurf, the makers of CORE hope to allow more people to begin playing CORE.

Features and benefits

CORE TUrf Package

  • Fast & Simple Install

    A CORE field is 8,000 sq. ft. or the size of your average gymnasium floor. Core Sports Revolution LLC will come to teach set-up.

  • CORE Goal and Teaching

    Core Sports Revolution LLC provides a goal, and assists in community outreach for CORE.

  • CORE Discounts

    10,000+ sq. ft. turf purchase: 2.5% discount
    25,000+ sq. ft. turf purchase: 5% discount
    Letting you worry less about the cost to focus on the game.


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